Optimizing social platforms for maximum exposure

Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?
It is creating content to promote your business, brand or products on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Your unique content should always be tweaked to the specific platform to help you gather conversions, but more importantly to increase brand awareness.

At MANTODOM, we focus on unpaid organic social media posts, but we do also offer paid social media ad campaigns, which are run and set to specifically reach certain target audiences.

Social media has evolved into an unstoppable force. It's only logical to want a piece of the pie.  

We especially love working on these social media channels:

Our Social Media Focal Points

Brand Awareness

This is common sense: the more that people know about your brand, the more of your product or service you’ll sell.

Engagement Rate

To increase engagement, we post high quality content that is visual and tailored to your audience, for example.

Online Authority

Become a thought leader in your industry or niche and influence users to make decisions benefiting your business.

Driving Sales

If you’re not leveraging social media to acquire leads and generate sales, you’re not using social media properly.

Community Building

Social media is a great platform for your customers and followers, to share brand loyalty and engage with each other.