Our Philosophy

Introducing MANTODOM to you

At MANTODOM, we can help you with a tailored strategy, technical expertise and deep optimizations to dramatically improve your digital advertising and online presences – to achieve and outperform your business goals.

Our experienced team thinks outside the box, pushes digital innovation and visual perfection, all while maintaining a vision for the big picture. We all come from diverse international backgrounds and bring together and complement each others’ talents and know-how, so lets get started in putting your strategy and plan into action!

The modern digital marketer is an experimenter, a lover of data, a content creator, a justifier of ROI.  







Our Mission

We Serve

At MANTODOM, we always serve our clients to the best of our knowledge and ability – to do so we work on projects we are passionate about and believe in, or we find challenging or fun. You will choose us, and we will also choose you. We prefer long-term partnerships as opposed to a one-time cooperation.

We Fuel

Building a website and optimizing it to provide the best user experience and deliver quality content to your community is what fuels us. We like to get it done perfectly! We will not offer you services or features which are unnecessary for your business: with MANTODOM it is all muscles and no fat.

We Promise

What we can promise is that we will put all our energy and know-how into increasing the visibility of your website and social media channels, or whatever your business requires to ensure it thrives – and we'd like to say we are damn good at it! Think it sounds cocky? Try MANTODOM!

Our team

Who We are & What we do



16+ years of experience in the digital marketing industry, with SEO and SEM being his key channels of expertise and know-how. In his free time, you can most likely find Dominik on the tennis court or at the beach.


19+ years of experience in diverse industries and leadership positions. Now he’s a digital strategy builder and project management expert. And when he’s not busy working, Antoine enjoys all that life has to offer.


11+ years of experience in web and graphic design (Photoshop, AdobeXD, Figma, etc.) with a great affinity for interactive animation. In her spare time, Sholpan likes volunteering at the local kindergarten.


12+ years of experience in web development (PHP, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Python, Bootstrap, etc.) with a deep focus on WordPress. Other than coding, Sunny enjoys classical music and spending time with his family.